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MIASARINVEST PTE.LTD. Was jointly established by senior people who have been engaged in online marketing software industry for more than 10 years and venture investment, and has been engaged in the research and development of online marketing software and online promotion tools. As a technology research and development company, NetPos is positioned as an e-commerce solution provider, continuously enhancing the company's research and development capabilities, continuously developing network products with strong market competitiveness, and continuously providing excellent network product solutions to partners.


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Talk you instant messaging

2-5 times higher performance.Support annual charge privatization deployment and direct operation of finished products.Support foreign networks, LAN, intranet, VPN and other networks.New bank card recharge and withdrawal functions.

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Video HD Conference

Support two person chat, voice intercom, multi person video, etc.Up to 1080p HD, H264 encoding, low traffic.Support interoperability of Android, IOS, web and other devices.Support P2P, increase concurrency by 100 times, save server bandwidth.

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Video interactive live broadcast

HD video quality, delay between 1-3 seconds, support for apple and Android.Through cluster configuration, each room can support tens of thousands of people to watch live broadcast.Bonus points for various beauty effects.The administrator can manage the live room in the instant messaging background system.

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Entrepreneur daily and China enterprise report work together to build an e-newspaper platform

The electronic edition of the entrepreneur daily will become an important asset and means of communication of the entrepreneur daily. For many years, readers and netizens at home and abroad have paid high attention to it and have a large demand. It is an important position in the field of public opinion in the industry, an important channel for original information, and a main window for in-depth reporting. It has become an important carrier of the integration platform of the entrepreneur daily. The electronic edition of entrepreneur daily is in an important position on the front page of China enterprise report network, striking and convenient. The layout is clear and easy to find.

Automatically change the rules of the game

On March 21, 2005, Zhu Xinli solemnly signed his own name on a contract at Huiyuan Group headquarters in Beixiaoying, Beijing. Then, the paper was sent to the simultaneous interpreting contract and a contract was signed without signing ceremony. Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and food group has split some fruit and vegetable juice properties. Taiwan Congyi group has invested US $30.3 million and two old rivals have jointly established "Huiyuan Juice Holding Co., Ltd. of China" in an attempt to invent the largest fruit juice production company in Southeast Asia. "Zhu Xinli is ferocious. He asked Huiyuan Beijing, which only needs 4.9 billion yuan in total property, to magically face Huiyuan China to the world's capital market with authorized capital."